Black Water at the Gates of Heaven

This piece was inspired by the Architects' song, Nihilist. You can find the lyrics below. We are beggars We are so fucking weak And once upon a time we had the world at our feet Well, we're all dying to meet our maker But all our Gods have abandoned us All our Gods have abandoned... Continue Reading →

Infected World

Don't tell me the world is burning, I can see it with my own eyes. But what can I do about it, when I can't even afford to piss on the embers? We've seen this one before As history repeats the shambles of a bourgeois government. Entitled, over-privileged and self-serving narcissists come door-to-door for support... Continue Reading →

Upon the Void

I sit and stare, in amazement, at everything that I have continued (through sacrifice) to do. I see it... bound and beaten, laughed at, poked and jibed at; this thing that I live and breathe for. It gives me purpose, and yet it strips every joy and liberty away from me. But, how am I... Continue Reading →


Nihilistic ultracrepidarians spouting nonsense, No sense of the damage they're doing Undoing centuries of pain and struggle Conflicting views and poisonous, too They actively fail to comprehend Lend their attention and send Actions and change over thoughts and prayers Who cares about this Other in fascism Who could blame cynicism in growing McCarthyism When we... Continue Reading →

There and Back Again

I'm in that place again; The one I swore was gone before, And even if life looks bright, That black dog grows stronger each night. I'm at the gate again. It's so hard to see the light When darkness bares it's teeth And dares to wander from the deep. I'm on the edge again... My... Continue Reading →

Atop a Frozen World

Another year has passed, and what a hellish, disgusting year it was. As we emerge into 2019, I beg that we each take the time to look after our mental and physical health. To do otherwise is to isolate and destroy ourselves.


Screaming silence adrift along a Sleeping world of sorrow and misery. It's hard to ask for help when you don't know what's wrong. Solve the mystery of my morose history and save me From this waking nightmare that serves To break me time and time again. I never thought that falling short when I'm a... Continue Reading →


As many of you know, many of the hegemonic western traditions surrounding Christmas stem from pagan rituals. This is just a festive piece to remind us of the influence of other cultures and how they can serve to make the future a better place when we welcome them into our lives.

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